Welcome to Metastar Bengals!  We are located in eastern Pennsylvania, USA which is within the TICA mid-Atlantic region.

Our Bengals are carefully bred to standard, then raised with love.  They have wonderful personalities as well as wild beauty.  They are delightful poetry in motion.

In addition to traditional short coat Bengals, we have long haired Bengals, also known as Cashmeres.  Long hair in the Bengal is from recessive genes already present, so we are able to select for this wonderful trait.

As many breeders and pet owners are becoming aware, the long hair Bengal is a stunning addition to the breed.  “Cashmeres” are being introduced and shown in registries world wide.

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us with your questions.

Email: aponic@rcn.com
Call: 215-915-2881
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